Scanning microfiche?

From: David Gesswein <>
Date: Sat Jul 29 14:18:03 2000

Looks like people have answered all execept
>Finally, do *any* scanners have documented interfaces? i.e. say I find myself
>a nice SCSI-connected high-speed high-resolution scanner. Am I going to be
>reduced to point-and-drool with Windows 98, or can I actually hook the
>scanner up to a real computer?
Some companies do allow the information out or people reverse engineer it.
I have used with my scanner under Linux.
Not a huge number are supported. I have also seen a shareware one for the film scanners but never
used it.

If you find a good solution to OCR let me know, I have looked at it
a few times and it always looks like too much work to clean up after it.
300 DPI true resolution is what I considered the minimum for an
acceptable looking scan.

David Gesswein
Received on Sat Jul 29 2000 - 14:18:03 BST

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