Scanning microfiche?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Jul 29 19:17:49 2000

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> Finally, do *any* scanners have documented interfaces? i.e. say I find
> a nice SCSI-connected high-speed high-resolution scanner. Am I going to
> reduced to point-and-drool with Windows 98, or can I actually hook the
> scanner up to a real computer? We're talking about many tens or hundreds
> of gigabytes of data here, so I'm willing to invest some effort to
> the acquire/compress/archive process.

Yes, some HP scanners, U-Max, Mustek, Plustek, and a few others are
documented. You should probably look at the SANE project (Scanner Access
Now Easy) which runs on various flavours of Unix (and there was a WinSane
project under way last time I looked, but you asked about real operating
systems so I won't mention it :-)). is the homepage, but it doesn't seem to want
to talk to me just now, so you might try or

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