FW: Got some old Q-Bus boards here. Any value? Anybody want to make offers?

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Sun Jul 30 02:22:24 2000

        Heads up, LSI-11/PDP-11 folk: Found this on Usenet. I've dealt with
Ben on other stuff, and have found him to be very reliable and quick with

        If you want any of the stuff listed, contact him quick! He may end
up sending it the gold scrapper otherwise.

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> Subject: Got some old Q-Bus boards here. Any value? Anybody want to make offers?
> From: benmyers_at_ultranet.com (Ben Myers)
> Newsgroups: comp.sys.dec
> I picked up some old Q-bus gear locally here today. Several systems,
> two of which are home-grown, mounted on large sheets of particle
> board. Many are DEC boards, some are made by long-gone companies,
> names I do not even recognize with my longevity in this business.
> Here's what I've got in DEC boards. Some boards are full-width with 4
> edge connectors. Other are half-width with 2 edge connectors.
> First, the half-width cards, showing quantity, part#, description:
> (2) M8017 (50-12499, ASYNCHRONOUS LINE INTR)
> (4) M8047 (50-13128, 32K 18-bit MOS MEM)
> (3) M7270 (50-13004, LSI-11 CPU)
> (3) M7941 (50-11573, PARALLEL LINE INPUT)
> (1) M8186 (50-13326, KDF11 CPU)
> Now for the full-width cards, one of each:
> M7948 (50-11994, LSI-11 FOUNDATION MODULE)
> M8189 (50-14313, KDF11-B)
> If you're also interested in the non-DEC Q-Bus boards, let me know.
> Oh, yeah. Also a Maxtor XT1140 disk drive, a venerable Seagate
> ST251-1, an apparent Rodime drive, a Micropolis 1304, a DEC RZ57, and
> a pair of 8" floppy diskette drives.
> I also have a couple of backplane/card cage items.
> Worse comes to worse, I can always pull the gold chips, sell the whole
> collection to my corner electronic scrap dealer. But if you can put
> it to good use, make me an offer on one or all boards. All boards
> APPEAR to be in good condition, but I can't give any warranties on
> this stuff... Ben
> Ben Myers
> Spirit of Performance, Inc.
> 73 Westcott Road
> Harvard, MA 01451
> tel: 978-456-3889
> eFax: 810-963-0412 (preferred; to send a fax, use like any FAX number)
> fax: 978-456-3937
> MC, VISA, AMEX accepted.

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