Scanning microfiche?

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Date: Sun Jul 30 12:37:25 2000

* Assuming you're scanning old DEC fiche, might there be a way
* to reduce the cost by making the final electronic copies
* available for sale to others? It might also make sense to
* put the collection online and sell subscriptions or one-shot
* looks to view it. Or does Compaq refuse to allow
* redistribution of these old docs?

There certainly isn't any problem with distributing *existing* fiche.
The problem comes with new copies, especially when the copies get

What I'd like to do, as a first step, is to take the fiche with all the
pocket service manuals and get those onto CD-R in some form. Then work
out a deal with DEC so I can give away those CD-R's just like I give
away PDP-10 and PDP-11 DECUS freeware CD's. I don't want to make any money off
this, and in fact I think it'd be wrong to make any money off it :-).

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