HP82161 tape splicer??

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sun Jul 30 18:36:57 2000

On Jul 30, 18:37, Tony Duell wrote:

> Has anyone ever seen a splicing jig and tape (or any other form of repair
> kit) for the tape cassettes (HP82176??) used in the HP82161 tape drive.
> I'm trying to read some old tapes and the magnetic tape on one of them
> has come unstuck from the leader. I think it would be possible to stick
> them together again.

How wide is the tape? If it's not too narrow, you could try 1/2" audio
splicing tape (thin self-adhesive mylar tape, usually white or yellow).
 The technique is to butt the two ends together, tape over (the non-oxide
side!) with the adhesive tape at right angles to the tape, and trim with a
razor blade or fine scissors. For 1/4" or bigger magnetic tape, I usually
trim the join very slightly narrower than 1/4" to help prevent binding.

I've done this successfully on compact cassette tape (1/8"), microcassette
tape, and 1/2" magtape and VHS video tape -- the latter usually to put the
leader back on if it's snapped.

> No, I wouldn't trust the result for very long, but it might be good
> enough for me to recover the few files on said tape that I didn't manage
> to read before it broke...

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