SCSI settings HP 7980 S tapedrive

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Mon Jul 31 14:09:09 2000

wanderer <> wrote:
> Does anyone know how to change the SCSI id settings on a HP 9 track
> tapedrive model 7980 S? It's current setting is 3 but that is
> conflicting with my disk. There is no thumbwheel and there are
> no visible jumpers to find.

It's on the front panel.

You press: You see:
  ENTER ID (blinking #)

Hmm, I would think you could press PREV and NEXT to cycle through at
this point, and ENTER to set the ID, but the drive I'm fiddling with
(actually a Tandem 5160) doesn't want to let me use PREV or NEXT here
-- I bet I have to play with a CONF option to unlock the SCSI ID.
And I don't have the manual handy right now.

-Frank McConnell
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