Tech Rumors/Legends?

From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Thu Jun 1 16:20:08 2000

Doug Coward wrote:

> Up for review:
> 1. "The person that designed the Mindset PC later designed
> the Amiga." I realize that computers like the Amiga are not
> designed by just one person, but does anyone know anything
> about the people that helped design these computers?

Urg. Kinda. Around 1982 at Atari Corporate Research we
had a project to develop a laptop computer designed for
games which was 68K based with custom video
and audio hardware. Most of this stuff never saw the light
of day, but the sound hardware sticks in my mind as something
that made it to the point of being a functional prototype.

After Atari went nova the rumor was that many of the
refugees of the audio effort ended up at Amiga and
that many of the video guys ended up at Mindset. I certainly
recognized a few of the names on the inside of the A1000
we used to develop the Hurricane as being refugees from
Atari, as well as one guy who was a refugee from BTI
(of the BTI 5000 and dreaded 8000 fame).

Chris Kennedy
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