Please help ID this Mac board--I hope it's old enough for the list!

From: Stan Perkins <>
Date: Thu Jun 1 17:22:19 2000

Hello all,

I just came across this small PCI type board, labeled:

820-0510-A c1993

It also has a chip on it with the label:

c 1983-93 Apple
     |-----That's why I'm hoping it's old enough to qualify :-)

Anyway, on one side of the PCB it's got four large quad flat pack chips,
from Philips, TI, VLSI, and BT, and on the other side (with the Apple
labeled chip I mentioned earlier) it has two rows of 8 each Toshiba
TC528128BJ-80 RAM chips. On the back end it has a DB-15F connector (like
the old Apple monitor connector) and two round DIN connectors labeled "S
IN" and "S OUT" with 7 female contacts each.

It came in a box labeled DOS Compatibility Card for Macintosh, but I'm
beginning to think it's not.

Any clues are greatly appreciated!

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