Defining Disk Image Dump Standard

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Jun 1 17:39:45 2000

Sellam Ismail <> writes:
> But can you dedcode 6&2 encoded bytes in realtime on a 6502? Something
> tells me it's not fast enough to do this.

If you're clever enough, you can do it. I previously cited several packages
that did it.

I wrote:
>> Once the Intel 8271, WD 1771, and similar FDC chips became available,
>> any idiot could "design a disk controller". But if you compare Woz's
>> design with other pre-FDC-chip designs, Woz's has 1/10 as many chips
>> as some of them.

Sellam wrote:
> 6 to be exact.

7 to be exact, if you don't count the boot PROM, which isn't really
part of the disk controller.
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