Rumor/Legend #3

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Thu Jun 1 17:51:45 2000

Welllll... as for the whacked out missing-corner looking disks, I can
confirm this... I have an ancient Memorex 651 floppy disk drive, and this
thing is circa 1973-74.. And those are the disks it uses... it CANNOT use
"normal" disks. FYI, there are at least two types of those disks, FD IV and
FD V, not sure what the diff is but I will look it up in the manual later
tonight. I have around 40 or so of those weird disks... They are also
notable (IMHO) for being freakishly colored... Indeed, you can easily tell
FD IV's and FD V's apart by the fact that FD IV disks are icky 70's orange,
while FD V disks are a funky dark blue sort of color. I actually have 3
other clone disks from Information Terminals (the chicken company!) too, but
I couldn't tell ya if they're FD IV or FD V clones..

Will J
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