Looking for data sheet for Zilog 8530 Serial chip

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Thu Jun 1 20:03:47 2000

"John Lewczyk" <jlewczyk_at_his.com> asks about the 8530:
> A search of the web yielded lots of links, but no datasheet. I want to know
> how to program it and its electrical characteristics. You know, the stuff
> on a datasheet. Zilog's web site doesn't have it.
> [ Its the chip used in the Apple Lisa and Mac and LOTS of other devices. ]


Near the bottom of the page is a technical manual covering the 8530H
and 85C30, and a data sheet and errata sheet on the 85C30. Note that
the 85C30 has some additional features that were not available in the
NMOS/HMOS part; these should be called out in the docs.
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