Looking for data sheet for Zilog 8530 Serial chip

From: allisonp <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Thu Jun 1 20:34:38 2000

>A search of the web yielded lots of links, but no datasheet. I want to
>how to program it and its electrical characteristics. You know, the stuff
>on a datasheet. Zilog's web site doesn't have it.

8530 is the Zilog SCC chip, as is the 8030. The differ only in bus
The 8530 is the non multiplexed bus part.

It's a dual channel serial device with DMA and interrupt logic for Z80
series cpus. Programming of the functions are similar to Z80 SIO
and related parts in a general way. It's a nontrivial device to use.

Contact Zilog for data or check their page under SCC.

>[ Its the chip used in the Apple Lisa and Mac and LOTS of other devices. ]

You sure of this?? It's not really friendly to the 68k buses.

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