Nixdorf LK-3000

From: Doug Salot <>
Date: Sat Jun 3 13:09:16 2000

I'm trying to find some info about the LK-3000, an early hand-held
"computer". I think it was made by Nixdorf around 1979, but it was also
sold under other labels (I think I've got a "Lexicon" labeled instance

Can anybody tell me what modules were available? Was there a module that
made the thing user programmable, for example?

Is anybody aware of a pre-1979 programable handheld? I suppose something
like the HP-65 is a candidate, but an alpha-numeric keyboard and display
would be more compelling.

Assuming the LK-3000 isn't user programmable, would anybody take offense
at somebody calling it the first PDA?

(No, I'm not selling one on eBay. There is one for sale there now -- it's
overpriced, though. These things aren't exactly rare.)

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