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Date: Sun Jun 4 02:44:37 2000

>> My wife's home town is Corona, California, its claim to fame is that it has
>> LOST the last three time capsules it buried someplace.
>Does that mean that they don't remember where they buried, or that they
>remember but the capsules are no longer present?

Full story at, snip below.



3. Corona, California, Time Capsules. The City of Corona seems to have
misplaced a series of 17 time capsules dating back to the 1930s. Efforts to
recover the capsules in 1986 were in vain. "We just tore up a lot of
concrete around the civic center, "said the chairman of the town's
centennial committee. A Los Angeles Times reporter has called Corona "the
individual record holder in the fumbled time capsule category."
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