Removing surface-mounted ICs

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Jun 4 22:52:51 2000

The solder wick method can work, but one is tempted to lift up on the pins
to pop the part loose, which will deform them forever. If you're better at
it than I am, you might succeed with that method. The gull-wing parts I've
used after using this extraction method have always been a source of
trouble, needing special care to solder them into a new application.


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> You use solder wick. You lay it over the pins, you wick up the solder that
> is holding them down. Alternatively you use a suction grabber device and a
> very small torch or hot air gun. (the latter is preferred). Attach the
> pickup to the top of the chip, then blow the hot air gun on it, and lift
> off.
> --Chuck
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> >Can anyone recommend a way of removing surface-mounted ICs (specifically
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