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From: Jim Strickland <jim_at_calico.litterbox.com>
Date: Sun Jun 4 23:20:48 2000

> This makes me wonder. How standard were the "standard" components of
> radios back during WWII times? Did hackers of that era also see valves
> and the other components that radios were being made with as very exotic
> or specialized? Maybe hackers 50 years from now will look at ASICs as
> child's play because of the unfathomable progress of technology.
> Sellam International Man of Intrigue and Danger

What little I've read on the subject, ww2 vintage civilian radios were made
from what amount to tube sets (very like chipsets) of 5 tubes designed to go
together with a minimum of other components to make a reasonably good superhet
receiver. *sigh* You're making me want to get my 1940 philco working again.
I need to replace the filter caps, at least. It hums. Also need to clean the
Jim Strickland
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