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From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Mon Jun 5 08:04:24 2000

> >Don't tell tell any of my CD's that! I have quite a few oldies - first
> >generation pressings from the mid-1980s - and they work just as well
> >today as they did when pressed. To add to that, my CD player is also a
> >old type (remember the Index feature on CDs? I've only run across two CDs

> >that use them)
> I've got several CD's that uses the Index feature, but they're all
> Bach CD's. (OK, one of them is Wendy Carlos playing,
> but that counts, right?)
> For old-music-CD's, who here remembers the "Preemphasis" bit? I've got
> a player that indicates that status on the display, though the only CD
> I have that uses it is a special test disk.

Here's another one for those with long memories. Who remembers
subcode graphics? I have one audio CD that contains subcode
graphics that I've never been able to view (they're encoded in
something like the Euro Teletext format).

Anyone know how to read and display subcode graphics?

-doug q
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