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From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Jun 5 10:07:35 2000

> Other military stuff like the ARC series command sets and BC series were
> often well built though they did have problems with them in the tropics.

The Command Sets (RAT, RAV, ARA/ATA, SCR-274N, and AN/ARC-5 for the model
number fanatics) never really had a problem in the Tropics. None of them
ever needed MFP ("Moisure and Fungus Proofing - an arsenic laced varnish
sprayed over the chassis much like a conformal coating). The sets that
did need MFP badly because the jungle started growing in the radios in a
matter of days were the Marine Corps sets - TBO, TBW, TBX, TBY, SCR-300
(BC-1000, as commonly known).

Incidently, the Command Sets (named as they were designed for
plane to plane short range command communications) were THE king hacker
raw material for years after the war - way into the 1960s. There were
thousands of ways to convert them, and no doubt all of them were tried.
Many classic computer hackers learned the ropes ripping into these old

William Donzelli
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