Removing surface-mounted ICs

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Mon Jun 5 17:17:41 2000 (Tony Duell) wrote:
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> The best tool to use is a hot air blower. About the best sort of those is
> one of those gas-powered soldering irons (the ones that run on butane
> lighter fuel) with a hot air blower tip. Run it round the IC, and you'll
> find that the solder melts and the chip will come off easily enough.
> I have heard of the paint-stripper type of hot air gun being used for
> this, with a suitable small-diameter nozzle. But I've never tried that.

 I've used the shrink tubing guns and they work OK. These
are a little more controlled than a blow torch.
 For a large boards of dual inline IC's, I've use peanut oil.
It has a high enough temperature that it can melt solder,
with a frying pan. I use some long tweezer. To keep them
cool I use a fan ( Don't put them in water. A drop of
water in the oil will be explosive. ). When done, I wash
the parts in dish soap.
 Regardless of which you use, make sure to wear eye protection!!!
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