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From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Jun 5 23:16:50 2000

> Geez, now you're making me want to shelve my existing 37 projects and go
> playing with radios. I was in my garage last week, sorting out boxes from
> old moves, and found that cute little spline-shaft knob from an ARC-5 of some
> sort that I used to have,

#6743? Rare piece...

> I hope I find the ARC-5 itself next.

If you find it, look at the snapslides. IBM made them.

> I have a dim
> recollection of building my own power supply for it out of an aluminum project
> box, since I didn't have the official power supply, and I had to drill out some
> banana jacks to fit the weird mica-insulated connector on the ARC-5 since the
> prongs were a bit thicker. But I don't think I ever got it actually working...

Real men use the original dynamotors.

And these days, those hams that modify Command Sets are often found with
thier mouths filled with cement.

William Donzelli
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