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From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Tue Jun 6 12:57:30 2000

On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 03:50:18AM -0400, Bill Dawson wrote:
> Has _anyone_ heard from John? He hasn't replied to my last three emails and
> his eBay activity stopped around the first week of May. The last I heard
> from him was on May 6th. We were discussing the purchase of a Vector
> Graphic system he owns which he posted as available on this list on April
> 26th. AFAIR, I haven't seen any posts here on the list from him in quite a
> while. I hope he hasn't joined the list of "silent keyboards".
> Bill

Last I heard from him was May 2nd, he said that he and his wife were moving
into a new home and he would contact me soon.. no replies to my mails to
him since then.... I'm waiting on a PDP-11/35 from him for PDP11.ORG.


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