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Date: Tue Jun 6 13:22:21 2000

> Hi
> Actually the thing that made allied radar better than
> German during the war wasn't so much the magnetron,
> that as mentioned had been copied. It was the rotating
> beam on the screen. I don't know why they didn't have this,

I suspect and others may comment that like many technologies
it was not a single point event like having the magnetron
but also the perpiheral technologies like selsyn motors,
and video(wideband) amplifier design skills to complete the
package. Radar is old, many years prewar but the knowledge
to do the needed signal processing and presentation took
longer to develop. It's the subtleties of the reflected signal
that has information of greater interest beyond simple range.
Extracting that and presenting it in human useable form is
far from trivial.

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