The more I like my VAX, the more I hate Compaq...

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Wed Jun 7 10:54:06 2000

> However, I've
>tried EDIT with every /SWITCH I can see, and I haven't a clue how to run
>the line editor, and the screen editor abends with a "terminal unknown"
>type of error.

Well, there's always TECO...

$ teco:==$sys$system:teco32.exe teco
$ make:==$sys$system:teco32.exe make
$ mung:==$sys$system:teco32.exe mung

Oh no! Someone's taken over and it's not about the editor

for documentation.

Which reminds me. Several years ago I found a slick version of TECO called
"Video TECO" which I used for some time under Ultrix. I've since lost the
tarball and have not been able to find it on the net (I still have a
printout of the manual somewhere). Anyone else use it and know where I
can snag a copy?

I don't know what line editor they're shipping with VMS these days (my
spine knows EDT, so I don't usually stray), but the best thing to do
with SOS (other than not use it) is pretend it's the old Micro$oft BASIC
line editor. At least, that's how _I_ learned to use it, having come from
the TRS-80 Model I and found myself dropped on a VAX.

>Offtopically, the DEC 3000 model 300 has *got* to be the hardest DEC piece
>of equipment to find info for... I can't seem to find anything *at all*
>about the hardware other than processor speed, which the 'puter is more
>than kind enough to tell me during the boot-up process.

I don't know much about them beyond them being the low-end TURBOchannel
Alpha box. I mainly dealt with Flaming-Os and SandWipers, and never
played with the 300. IIRC, the 300 has a 12.5MHz TURBOchannel.

>Is the printer port serial or parallel,

It'll be serial.

Roger Ivie
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