Removing soldered components

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Thu Jun 8 09:24:02 2000

At my last job I had the luck to have access to a real/live solder sucker
component remover. I found it on the top shelf of the electronics lab and
fired it up. The rig was a small vacuum pump with a long hose attached to
it, allowing the heated air to cool somewhat, with a glass tip. The glass
tip was filled with some kind of mesh filter where the solder that was
removed could cling. These little solder filters were replaceable. This
glass tip was attached to a soldering iron. The vacuum pump was controlled
by a foot switch. It took some trial and error to use the system. It takes
some eye-hand coordination to operate this system. Don't try after 1-2
beers. I also need longer arms because my vision is extending. Works well
for small number of components, not very production oriented.
The whole system is probably still in the lab and hasn't been used since I

"Solder sucker component remover" (TM)
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