Perverted DOS idea

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Date: Thu Jun 8 11:54:03 2000


        There are several sources for this info. Look for Ralf Brown. He
made an "interrupt list" which is just a list of *all* interrupts.

        Mike Podanofsky wrote RxDOS, a DOS clone for the book "Dissecting
DOS" from Addison-Wellsley. His company is API Software in New Hampshire.
 for a code distribution. The documentation and comments are excellent.

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::> How little memory could you run something like, say, DOS 3.3 in? All I
::> would be supporting is a basic command set like COMMAND.COM, EDLIN,
::> maybe XCOPY, etc. And are the INTs documented anywhere?
::I'd guess 128k and certainly in 256k. the itself is some 27k
::or 33k alone.

That was the thing I was worried about. Maybe I'll write

Someone suggested emulation from disk, and that's exactly how I was thinking
of doing it.

Where can I find a list of INTs DOS uses? I checked a couple of bookstores
but most of them aren't too helpful with low-level DOS.

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