Old Macs = cheap terminals

From: Jason McBrien <jbmcb_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Jun 8 13:03:44 2000

You can get Mac SE's used for under $10 usually. These can have ethernet
cards installed, makes a great terminal with datacomet or bettertelnet.
I've got an SE/30 I use as a packet sniffer with Etherpeek. Or just toss
linux on one (The SE/30, SE's won't run linux)
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Subject: Old Macs = cheap terminals

> An idea for who use classic computers: since we usually require plenty
> of terminals to attach to our classic computers, those compact Apple
> Macs, such as the 512K or SE, found in more plentiful supply than
> terminals at hamfests, have one very good use: use them as terminals
> running terminal emulation software. While other microcomptuers such
> as IBM type toy PCs are also useful as terminals for computers, the
> old Macintoshes consume less electicity.
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