Old Macs = cheap terminals

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Thu Jun 8 13:33:00 2000

R. D. Davis write:
>An idea for who use classic computers: since we usually require plenty
>of terminals to attach to our classic computers, those compact Apple
>Macs, such as the 512K or SE, found in more plentiful supply than
>terminals at hamfests, have one very good use: use them as terminals
>running terminal emulation software. While other microcomptuers such
>as IBM type toy PCs are also useful as terminals for computers, the
>old Macintoshes consume less electicity.

I wanted to do this bad for my Linux PC back in the '92-93 timeframe,
before Linux was really able to run X-Windows. I wanted one because it was
so nice and small, but in those days they were still out of my price range
(especially since at that time I was a PC user). These days I use VT420's
whenever possible since I can plug one terminal into two computers without
any extra hardware.

OTOH, I regularly use my G4 PowerMac as a Terminal :^) It makes a great
X-Terminal using eXodus, using 100Mbit switched ethernet
X-Windows/DECwindows is nice and fast :^) Plus NiftyTelnet is one of my
favorite terminal emulators.

I also like monitors with dual inputs, and Digital KVM switches :^)

Still if I didn't have a good supply of DEC terminals I'd probably be using
Compact Mac's. Another good solution for the terminally challenged is
*old* laptops, also a good solution when space is a big problem. The only
real use I keep my ancient Twinhead 386sx laptop around for is to use as a
terminal when nothing else is handy, and I'm currently looking for a more
modern laptop with colour to use as an X-terminal.

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