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Date: Thu Jun 8 14:23:52 2000

> Boy I really wish I hadn't forgotten my Cantenna at an old apartment, well
> if it's only 10 W then I should be able to solder up a bunch of 2W carbon
> comp resistors and that will be good enough to play with it before sicking

That would work, use series parallel combo of 100ohm 2W (8 of them) to get
50, put them in a paint can of mineral oil and it will take at least
30-40W and work to 30+mhz if assembled using or copper strips.

> be, with the big ceramic separate outputs. Somewhere I still have most of
> a roll of honest-to-god ladderline, but I don't know if a full-wave loop
> would fit in my yard (guessing that the impedance is a bunch higher than
> 50 ohms).

Most common mods are to go from balanced to coax. Ladder line feeding
a 60ft end fed zepp or marconi will do well. At that power level you have
to make sure the modulation is good and very clean or you loose

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