Perverted Mac-OS idea (was: Perverted DOS idea)

From: David Vohs <>
Date: Thu Jun 8 17:31:07 2000

>::>Where can I find a list of INTs DOS uses? I checked a couple of
>::>but most of them aren't too helpful with low-level DOS.
>::People have already pointed you at Ralf Brown's wonderful interrupt list
>::(which BTW is available in webified form at,
>::but just to point out the obvious: it doesn't matter! If your emulation
>::accurate enough to be useful, DOS will take care of itself. You'll
>::want to provide your own BIOS though, and for that the IBM PC or AT Tech
>::manuals are wonderful. Computer Reset used to have NOS tech ref books at
>::very good prices, don't know if that's still true or even if they're
>::in business. Anyway, obviously the BIOS is your chance to substitute
>::native I/O w/o having to muck with DOS itself.
>Well, it would be a sullied implementation. I'm thinking of having a native
>6502 IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS (and probably COMMAND.COM), so the INTs would
>to be simulated by that: hence the list :-)
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No way! You wouldn't want to ruin a Commodore 64 with that crap!

Hell, while you guys are at it, why don't you try to port Mac-OS, or worse
yet, MS Windows, to the Commodore 64.
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