Wirin' up blinkenlights

From: Mike Cheponis <mac_at_Wireless.Com>
Date: Thu Jun 8 18:21:18 2000

I haven't had -that- particular fantasy, but another one...

... creating copies of certain "classic" machines. If you were able to buy,
say, an original Nova in a box that for all the detail you wanted was the
same as the original, and inside had the same chips on the same size PC board,
would that be cool? Sure, you're have to use materials you could get today
to do it, but accurately done, it might be interesting.

I'm -not- saying building up clones of certain rare old computers and trying
to pass them off as originals, but rather, trying to make clones that are
undistinguishable from the original.

Maybe it's nuts, but, as Tony recently said, we're all nuts on this list! ;-)


p.s. To those who posted pointers to the "6-chip" Woz diskette interface,
thanks! Nice stuff.

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, John Allain wrote:

> How many people on this list have fantasized for even a
> moment building an Apollo spaceflight simulator with all
> the lights & switches accurate and active?
> P.S. a PIC is a pretty good way to get 32-1 signals in and
> out over an SIO line.
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