Old laptops as cheap terminals (was Re: Old Macs = cheap terminals)

From: allisonp <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Thu Jun 8 20:41:43 2000

>At least the older Xircom adapters can work in nybble-mode with a uni-
>directional port. I just didn't think they'd break it with the newer
>models. I want a PE3, not PE2 because of power consumption - the PE3

Ah ha, I wondered.

>can be powered off of a parasitic cable (typically from the keyboard
>jack, but there isn't one on an XT laptop; I was just going to wire
>one in). There are parameters you can tell the PE3 to use when connecting

I know, remember I said I have a few. I'll have to try one on the XT

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