Fixin' der Tandy 2 floppydrivenspiegelthingengruppebochs

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Thu Jun 8 22:15:07 2000

Good news und bat news.

I got a nice Tandy 200 package today, unit, power supplies, manuals and even
some Club 100 disks in the original hard case. Very nice and the machine,
after a little of fiddling and a cold start, is running well. That's the good

The bad news, alas, is the 3.5" RS-232 floppy that came with it. (Yes,
RS-232 floppy drive; hopefully someone has seen one of these.) It will
not power up on either the power supply (original power supply, btw, which
works with the M200 just fine), or new batteries. All it does is flash its
low battery light briefly, spin for about a second, and shut off. I took
a look at the board but couldn't see anything physically shot.

Anyone have experience with these drives? What are my options? Part of
getting this thing was so that I would have a floppy to save on, and maybe
even get my 8201A to talk to it :-)

Thanks in advance.

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