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Date: Fri Jun 9 08:09:01 2000

> > Is it not true, however, that all computers are toys, and that PDP's,
> > VAXen and Crays could have been considered toys when they were new?

Toy: an object for exercise, diversion or amusement.

Yes I have some machines that may qualify. Most may qualify as they
are no longer used for revenue (often). However, at their time they were
serious machines built to do serious work for the most part. So the
closest thing I have to a toy is my trs80 (mod1).

The counter to that is: the guy running his machine tool with an old PDP-8
or Z80 box... Is he using a toy? I think not.

PCs I have a hard time takething them seriously despite their enormous
processing power. They arent built for the most part like a serviceable
and relaible tool.

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