In defense of NASA: was Re: Wirin' up blinkenlights

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Jun 9 08:41:34 2000

> The space program, while costing the taxpayers a sizable amount
> of money, has produced huge quantities of spinoff projects and
> technologies that have definitely benefitted mankind.

I don't personally equate NASA with the space program. Yes, NASA
runs the only real space program we have.

But while R. D. Davis seems to decry them both, and many others
are jumping in to defend both, let me offer an alternative view.

For the most part, I have always supported manned space flight.
And once upon a time working at NASA was my dream. But over the
years, and particularly in the way that they acquired and then
deliberately destroyed the Delta Clipper project and prototype
(yes I have read the NASA reports in full and I still conclude
the engineer who failed to check the landing strut because the
instructions he got did not specify to do so most likely did so
deliberately and on directions from higher-ups), I have come to
see NASA as a bloated bureaucracy that would be best put to sleep.

But I would still replace NASA with something that would carry
on manned spaceflight. As for individuals, so also for society,
that [a] mans reach should exceed his grasp.

respectfully submitted,
doug quebbeman
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