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Date: Fri Jun 9 21:06:36 2000

> Great brag today. Two ROM 03 Apple IIgses with 1MB RAM, keyboards, two
> sets of two each of 5.25" and 3.5" UniDisks and a nice composite monitor. But
> that's not the interesting part.
> The interesting part is the Mac SE/30 that came with them. It runs System
> 6 (cough) and AppleShare File Server. It looks like this was the file
> server for the IIgs systems, since the disk is full of AppleWorks, Oregon
> Trail and ProDOS boot images. :-)
> How do I get the IIgses to speak AppleTalk? I have the parts for building
> the network, and I know IIgs systems can do it (I've seen it), but
> obviously I need some additional software which unfortunately did NOT
> come with the package. This might be stretching it, but can they network
> boot? The IIgs Control Panel (CTRL-OPTION-RESET) yielded nothing too helpful.

I *think* it's part of the basic Apple //GS 'System 6' software. Geez, been
so long since I've messed with mine that I can't even remember what the OS
is called for sure. Anyway last I heard you could still get the disk images
for the last OS release of an Apple FTP server, the trick is finding out

> By the way, total cost was $0.00 ;-) (Well, I did have to buy an ADB
> mouse for the Mac, which was missing too. $40?! Highway robbery. But
> I shan't complain too much :-)

Ouch, you should have shopped around! Of course I'm the fool who has been
threatening to buy a spare brand new Apple Extended Keyboard II, and a
couple spare ADB II Mice. They work great on my G4 with a USB-to-ADB
converter, and since ADB is gone, it might be a good idea to pick up a
couple new spares while I still can.

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