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Date: Sat Jun 10 00:14:44 2000

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, R. D. Davis wrote:

> carelessly, before he got it. Of course, carrying tools and a VOM to
> surplus store, thrift shop, hamfest (radio rally), etc. could be
> rather useful. The problem is that the person rescuing the equipment

Or rather annoying to the surplus shop owner, thrift shop manager, etc.
Sure it's reasonable to want to make sure what you're buying, but not many
shops are going to put up with you disassembling their goods in the store.

> That said... Has anyone considered, or written, a head-parking FAQ for
> classic computers, listing drives that need to have their heads
> parked, and ways of doing this for various types of systems?

No, we're waiting for you to write it.

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