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From: Ernest <>
Date: Sat Jun 10 01:40:13 2000

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The interesting part is the Mac SE/30 that came with them. It runs System
6 (cough) and AppleShare File Server. It looks like this was the file
server for the IIgs systems, since the disk is full of AppleWorks, Oregon
Trail and ProDOS boot images. :-)

Very nice catch. You know, you can hook that SE/30 into an NT network, onto
which you can download files from the net, and copy to your IIgs' via the
AppleTalk network. The joys of networking still make me giddy sometimes. NT
has an AppleTalk protocol option that works very well. If you don't have an
NT network at home, take it to work and see if you're NT admin will help you
out. If he's anything like me, he would enjoy the challenge but I wouldn't
mention it to the company heads. There's usually some sort of beer payments
involved so go prepared, and not with Coors or Miller (barf!)

How do I get the IIgses to speak AppleTalk? I have the parts for building
the network, and I know IIgs systems can do it (I've seen it), but
obviously I need some additional software which unfortunately did NOT
come with the package. This might be stretching it, but can they network
boot? The IIgs Control Panel (CTRL-OPTION-RESET) yielded nothing too

You're right, you do need some additional software, and information on how
to do it. Fortunately, there are more knowledgeable people than me to get
directions from on comp.sys.apple2. Rubywand in particular is very
knowledgeable and friendly.

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