Wirin' up blinkenlights

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Date: Sat Jun 10 08:24:56 2000

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Subject: Re: Wirin' up blinkenlights

>>For the blinkenlights, my least favorite choice is LEDs; does anyone
>>have a reason for a preference of Ne2 bulbs over incandescent bulbs or
>>vice versa?

NE2 bulbs need 75-90v db supply to run. If your to use them use NE2H
as they are brighter.

>Actually in my PDP-8/x the use of white LEDs seems like it will be a win.

Almost... White leds are biased toward blue white and incandesent lamps
were white biased toward red. Also with incandesant the color of the lens
cap was a factor. for examaple it could be red, amber, green even blue.

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