ASCII e-mail vs iso-8859-1

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Sat Jun 10 11:19:01 2000

On June 10, R. D. Davis wrote:
> Can certain list members who aren't sending standard ASCII text kindly
> fix their e-mail software so that they stop sending messagse that
> could possibly cause problems for some people using older systems?
> Doesn't it seem a little strange that people who are interested in
> computer preservation are sending iso-8859-1 character set messages
> instead of normal ASCII to a mailing list where others are likely to
> be using older systems to read their e-mail? Once ASCII goes away,
> then we've all got problems that would make our older systems very
> much incompatible with everything else and less useful. Is not plain
> old ASCII one standard that we should value and do our best to keep
> from going out of use?

  I agree 100%. Though I must point out that it has nothing at all to
do with "older" or "newer"'s primarily a "windows" or
"non-windows" issue.

            -Dave McGuire
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