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Date: Sat Jun 10 12:39:09 2000

R.D. Davis wrote:

> I still don't see what's wrong with thoroughly examining something
> before purchasing it, whether it's used, or new. It makes perfect
> sense to take a tool kit into a store where one is shopping for some
> random piece of electrical or electronic equipment... might not be a
> bad idea when shopping for a car either.

Sellam Ismail replied:
< R.D. Let's go shopping! Call me the next time you walk into a consumer
 electronics store or a new car lot, and please bring your toolbox and
 meter along. I'll bring a camera so I can snap shots of you being
 forcibly escorted out of the store. >

Sellam is right on, here. If someone came into my store and wanted to
perform a component-level test on any equipment I had for sale, first I'd
assume they were joking, and laugh. If they persisted, I'd have to ask them
to leave. If someone gets zapped in my store I'd be liable. Additionally,
store personnel don't have the time to watch over such an operation to make
sure that the "tester" doesn't damage or steal something.

You might be able to get away with this at a hamfest, though.

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