AppleTalk on the hoof

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jun 10 15:45:58 2000

>::The software on Apple's FTP site is all in Mac format (.HQX or MacBin).
>::Modern Macs have a hard time creating GCR 800K disks (if they can at all).
>::Apple has gone to the cheaper MFM-only drives which handle the 1.44MB disks
>Think the SE/30 itself could handle it? If I downloaded the software to
>another Mac and took the disks over to the SE/30, would it be able to do
>the ProDOS transfer? It is old enough :-) I don't have DD disks here, but
>I can get some.

I *know* the SE/30 should be able to handle it. I've used mine to do it.

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