Looking for Ultrix 4.4

From: Bill Bradford <mrbill_at_mrbill.net>
Date: Mon Jun 12 01:28:45 2000

On Sun, Jun 11, 2000 at 10:03:50PM -0700, sjm wrote:
> Hey teen gang,
> Does anyone have an Ultrix 4.4 (RISC) distribution CD-ROM they'd like
> to part with, or make a copy of? I have a license but no media,
> and I'd prefer not to try to deal with the Compaq Empire if I can
> avoid it.
> (P.S. - Plus, technically I'm kinda grey on whether the license I
> have represents a "legitimate transfer of right to use" or not.
> But since Ultrix is officially a deader-than-dead end-of-lifed
> "These aren't the droids you're looking for; why don't you talk to
> our nice Tru64 salespeople?" type of software, I don't really care :)
> I just want to install the damn thing on a DECstation 5000/200)
> (P.P.S. - Yes, I know NetBSD is better, and supports DECstations.
> But I want Ultrix for reasons far beyond the understanding of
> mortal men.)
> (P.P.P.S ...Or women.)
> -Seth

I've got a complete set of Ultrix 4.4 for DECstation (RISC) on
TK50 tape, if anybody's interested in swapping VAX/VMS stuff
for it....


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