Using DECmate III from terminal

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Mon Jun 12 08:41:03 2000

>Is it possible to use a DECmate III from a terminal if one has no monitor
>or keyboard for it?

That depends on what you mean by "possible".

The DECmate II and (I presume, although I've not played with one) the III
use Harris I/O support chips. The first thing you need to do to these
chips after power-on is to configure their address. Consequently, there's
a table of IOTs executed by the processor straight out of reset to get
the job done. It should be possible to switch the addresses configured
for the console port and the printer port in that table. The effect would
be that the printer port would now be the console port and the terminal
emulation in the slushware would now run the printer port.

No, I've not tried this. Furthermore, every time I mention the possibility
some pretty knowledgeable folks usually tell me it won't work. I don't
see why it won't work.

BTW, does anyone have a good archive of Lasner's rantings? We really need
a good Lasner rantings archive somewhere on the net.

Roger Ivie
Not speaking for TeraGlobal Communications Corporation
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