Finds in Pittsburgh, PA

From: Marvin <>
Date: Mon Jun 12 11:24:07 2000

Pat Barron wrote:
> For anyone local (or who can get here relatively easily) and would be
> interested in this ....
> I stopped by the Goodwill Computer Store over the weekend, and saw that
> they have a bunch (maybe two dozen) SPARCstation IPC's and IPX's, for

Is this the store in Southside? If so and I lived near Pittsburgh, I would
make both it and the regular Goodwill store a few doors down regular stops!

> purchasing several machines at once, for a lower price), since the
> day-to-day store staff do not have the authority to renegotiate prices.

Again, if we are talking about the same store, they did renegotiate prices
when I was there. Of course, I did buy more than $1 or two worth of stuff
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