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I have a mac plus in my collection that has something called a Hyperdrive installed in it. It's a controller card and MFM hard drive that fits behind the crt and everything actually just fits. Mine amazingly still works. Unless it was a special configuration, there was no such thing as a dual floppy SE with a hard drive.

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<< They used to make internal hard drives for the Mac Plus that attached to the
upper frame, to the side of the CRT. Someone probably kludged one into a SE
case, not wanting to forego the all important second FD. I remember
launching MacPaint on my Fatmac and having to swap out system disks ten or
twelve times before I could doodle. Thank god for that external 400k drive,
who would need more space?

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> Speaking of MAC SEs, how common was it to find an SE with two floppy
> drives and an internal hard drive? All of the information that I've
> seen on the 'net shows that it's typical to have either two internal
> floppies, or one internal floppy and one internal hard drive, but the
> SE I bought a couple of weeks ago has both.
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