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Date: Mon Jun 12 15:34:56 2000

> > < R.D. Let's go shopping! Call me the next time you walk into a consumer
> > electronics store or a new car lot, and please bring your toolbox and
> > meter along. I'll bring a camera so I can snap shots of you being
> > forcibly escorted out of the store. >
> >
> > Sellam is right on, here. If someone came into my store and wanted to
> As I pointed out in my reply to that message, I have, indeed, dismantled
> consumer electronics devices before buying them (with full permission of
> the shop).

Here in the country of stupid lawsuits and 'Super Stores' you'd probably be
kicked out of the store for just suggesting it! In fact I got kicked out of
a Bookstore on Saturday, they wouldn't let me even buy the books I had in my
hand, all because someone had driven a car into the doorframe of the one
entrance. Shoot in someplaces around here you'd be pushing your luck if you
wanted to open the box to make sure all the pieces were in there.

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