Texas Universites Surplus

From: David Williams <dlw_at_trailingedge.com>
Date: Mon Jun 12 16:57:09 2000

I've never heard of that before. I know that UH, UT and Rice hold
auctions to sell off old computers from time to time. One auction
at Rice is open to people in the University first and what's left over
is then offered to the public. Don't know for sure about any places
in D/FW.


On 12 Jun 2000, at 16:46, Owen Robertson wrote:

> I just called a local (Fort Worth, Texas) University, asking about
> surplus property, and they said that all Texas Universities are
> required to turn their old computers over to the Texas Criminal
> Justice (or something like that) Department. Has anyone else heard of
> anything like this, or know why they have to do this? Does anyone in
> the Dallas/Fort Worth area know of any Universities that sell surplus
> property to the public?
> Thanks,
> Owen

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