Texas Universites Surplus

From: George Currie <g_at_kurico.com>
Date: Mon Jun 12 17:38:56 2000

Unfortunately this is true. All Texas public universities are required
to let the convicts bang on any excess computer inventory
(something to do with rehab programs to teach them how to repair
computers). The sad thing is that _anything_ marked as a
computer goes there, including things that they'd have no idea what
to do with (i.e. anything other than a pc). I'm in the process of
trying to find out what happens on the back end to stuff that they
don't use (I hear they go to state contracted scrappers :( ). This all
started towards the latter part of last year.

I lucked out and was able to pick up an Intel iPSC because the
things were marked as "power supply cabinets". Truely a sad
state of affairs, I saw a Connections Machines and several
RS/6000's at A&M destined to become a weapon for a prisoner.


> I just called a local (Fort Worth, Texas) University, asking about
> surplus property, and they said that all Texas Universities are
> required to turn their old computers over to the Texas Criminal
> Justice (or something like that) Department. Has anyone else heard of
> anything like this, or know why they have to do this? Does anyone in
> the Dallas/Fort Worth area know of any Universities that sell surplus
> property to the public?
> Thanks,
> Owen
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