OT: If classic computers were cars...

From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_smart.net>
Date: Mon Jun 12 21:00:09 2000

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, David Vohs wrote:
> System: Apple ///
> Car equivalent: Yugo
> Reason: None required.

Actually, an IBM type PC running MS-Windows (particularly the new
cheap PC hardware) is more like a Yugo: cheap, poorly designed, an
accident waiting to happen.

> System: Apple Macintosh SE/30
> Car equivalent: 1967 Ford Mustang GT
> Reason: The computer could haul, & so could the car!

Ford made more powerful cars than the mustang in the lats 1960's, such
as the Shelby cobra and other cars with the 425 horsepower big-block
engines in them.

> System: IBM PC Jr.
> Car equivalent: Edsel
> Reason: See "Apple ///"

The Edsel wasn't popular, but it was well designed; a very nice car
and ahead of its time. Comparing this beautiful car to a PC Jr. is
most unfair.

> System: Apple Macintosh II
> Car equivalent: Mack Truck
> Reason: Large computer, large truck, 'nuff said.

An IBM 7090 is closer to a Mack truck... or, perhaps a Peterbilt.

> System: Commodore Amiga
> Car equivalent: Any Lexus
> Reason: The Amiga had featues found on computers costing much more, likewise
> with its comparison.

I wouldn't pay 50-cents for a Lexus, and if I won one as a prize, I'd
sell it to someone gullible and buy a used Ford F250 truck.

> System: Apple LISA
> Car equivalent: Rolls Royce
> Reason: Self-explanitory.

A Rolls Royce (well, some of the older ones anyuway) is a thing of beauty.
A PDP-11/70 with it's blinking lights, or a PERQ workstation which is
far superior to that overrated LISA thing.

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