In defense of NASA: was Re: Wirin' up blinkenlights

From: allisonp <>
Date: Mon Jun 12 18:14:47 2000

>For anyone who misread my message and got instead that
>I thought electricity had been deployed after 1928
>needs to go back to school and learn English all over

>> > I was aware that Toshiba was building facsimile machines in 1928
>> > in Japan, but I didn't know the ability to send an image to a remote
>> > location predated the deployment of electricity.
>> >
>> > -dq

;) In these days of the PC retrorevionist history of computers who knew?

It's the comma splice, that did it! Because of how you constructed the
sentence, the date, "1928" was juxtaposed between toshiba and
deployment of electricity. I hope my grammer was suitably twisted.

Seriously it really wasn't clear enough that there were two distinct
though realted ideas there.

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